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Now Offering the first Premium Transition Process



We know the transition process can be taxing and annoying - it’s a lot of work pulling all of the financial documents, mostly after hours. Navigating the back and forth with the transition team can use up a lot of a dentist’s time.


We’ve overhauled the transition process to give you, the seller, your time back.


We are introducing Transitions Plus+, exclusive to JPA, for busy practice owners who need white-glove service. 


Our technology streamlines the process for you - in just 15 minutes our IT professionals will help you, or your office staff, integrate our proprietary software with your practice software that is 100% discrete and confidentiality compliant. We use our software and work together with your financial team to get the necessary documents, eliminating 90% of the work you have to do with a traditional transition, to get your practice listed, on the market and sold.


In the Transitions Plus+ program your prospective buyers will undergo a more rigorous vetting process, so that you are not burdened with meeting non-serious or unqualified buyers. We have your time in mind.

*Transitions Plus is currently only available to our clients in the dental field.



traditional transition

  • Gather Practice Reports
  • Gather Tax Returns and P&L Statements
  • Complete extensive
    Seller's Questionnaire
  • Take pictures of the office
    after hours for the listing
  • Continue to update reports as requested
    through the transition process
  • Continue to run your practice
  • Field questions and maintain
    confidentiality of deal

transitionS plus+


  • We handle this for you
  • We handle this for you
  • We will take care of this in a
    brief phone call with you
  • Our team captures a 3-D Virtual Tour
    of your office after hours
  • We will update this
    information for you during the transition
  • Continue to run your practice
  • We pull the info - your staff will be unaware
    and there is minimal effort for you
  • You focus on what you do best, dentistry and life.

Your JPA Premium Transitions Team Delivers:

All transition paperwork, an accurate practice valuation, buyer vetting by preferred lenders, practice showings, and custom reporting to keep you posted throughout the process.
All while you stay focused on your practice and generating revenue to keep your practice value high.

Ideal for busy and high net practices, we are the SINGULAR transition team using this white-glove process.




Guidance and Expertise for Sellers  

YOUR Practice Transition TEAM




With JPA's Transition Advisors, you never have to worry about the confidentiality of your sale, professionalism in vetting potential buyers, or maximizing your return on investment. 


We know you want to find the right doctor with the right personality to take over your practice. We will help you make sure your patients are in the right hands, and that your practice's good reputation continues. 


We know it can be hard to imagine life after practicing. Let's work together to make a strategic plan to prepare you for your future. Our Post-Sale Planning program connects you with Associate roles and Pro Network connections for retirement planning and asset adjustments.



Downloadable Resources to Prep Your Practice to Sell

Transition Prep Program FOR SELLERS

Dental Practice for Sale NC

Don't know what to expect when you list your practice for sale?
You can benefit from our proven track record of successful transitions, staffing, and development.
With Transition Prep, we have created a comprehensive, first-step program for sellers to
better vet and prepare you for the process of transitioning your practice.

And our Transition Advisors are always here to answer your questions.


Ready to sell

Thinking about selling your practice but don't know where to start? Get started with our 60 page E-Book. 

Learn More

PRe-SALE Checklist

The more prepared you are before listing the less stressful the process! Use our proven prep checklist. 

Learn More


Understand the time it takes to improve your practice's value, prepare to list, then sell. We guide you. 


Post Sale Planning

Whether you continue to work, or are retirement planning, take guided next steps for your future.


ready to list your practice?

Get your practice on the market and in front of buyers now.



"How much is my practice worth?"



A practice appraisal is a close look into your practice's numbers, with the intention of accurately placing a market value on it. Dental practice appraisals and veterinary practice appraisals are handled much in the same way.


An appraisal is a way to listen to the heartbeat of your practice in order to evaluate its health. The healthier the practice, the larger the return when you choose to sell, or seek a loan for upgrades to your growing practice. In order to achieve your goals, you must first know how your practice numbers are trending. 


With every appraisal, you get our proprietary 1-page Practice Stats report. This simplified overview of your practice will help you connect with the numbers that matter, and prove to be a great asset in matching the right buyer to your practice.


What type of evaluation do you need -- CASH FLOW EVALUATION or STANDARD PRACTICE APPRAISAL? What is the difference? Click to explore your best option:




VIDEO: "Practice Stats Report"

Watch to learn how buyers view the vitals on your practice.



Helpful Resources


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DSOs are becoming a mainstream corporate approach to owning dental practices. If you are considering selling your practice, make sure you do your due diligence and understand what a DSO will mean for you.

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VIDEO: 3 Tips for Selling Your Practice


Joe Jordan, founder of JPA Dental Transitions, will outline the 3 main tips for you to keep in mind as you begin the process of transitioning your practice. From who to work with to how to get started.. 


BLOG: Maintaining Confidentiality When Selling


When selling your dental practice, the transaction can be damaged if the process isn’t kept confidential until the sale is complete. We are sharing our confidentiality tips to help protect the sale of your largest asset...


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