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 Over time, the practice that you purchase, or start, will most likely become one of the largest assets you build over your professional career, thus it is important that you start with the practice that is right for you.


"Where do I start with buying a dental practice?"

transition prep prograM for buyers



This is our first-step program to better vet and prepare buyers and sellers for the process of transitioning a dental practice. Connect with our Transition Advisors for a personalized consultation and transition advisement based on your practice wants and needs. 




Prequalification for your purchase is important! Use our vetted financial advisors for specialized lending in the dental industry.



Fill out our “Ideal Practice” questionnaire so we can find the perfect practice for you based on size, location, patient base, and more.



To ensure your purchase runs smoothly, our Transition Advisors help you manage the paperwork you need to have organized. 



We have a wealth of helpful resources for doctors looking to transition to a new office. Have questions? Give us a call.

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PReparing to buy a practice

Connect with our Practice Transition Advisors to Plan Your Next Steps

As you prepare to buy a practice, you can take our no-obligation Buyer Pre-Qualification Survey. This survey helps our Transition Advisors start to build your team of Certified Financial Planners, legal professionals, and trusted dental lenders to help you understand your situation and create a plan to move forward.


We want to make the buying process easy for you with our easy to understand valuations and team of Transition Advisors guiding you.


"How do I know I'm making a sound investment?"

JPA Practice stats REPORTING


Our exclusive Practice Stats report was designed to help potential buyers gain a better understanding of the “health” of a practice they are interested in, as a much-needed step before diving into the minute details of a full financial review.



Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. This happens in practice transitions every day. Buyers are often buried in an avalanche of information and numbers and left to their own devices to determine if a potential opportunity is worth pursuing. We here at JPA don’t want you to miss the right opportunity due to overly complicated and hard to read reports.

That is why we have developed a simple, one-page report to help buyers and sellers understand the vital information about a practice. We want you to have a good, base understanding of the opportunity before you come out of pocket to pursue a potential practice.

Our practice stats reports provide buyers with an over-all Practice Health report. Scoring the practice with easy to read indicator dials, a simple breakdown of the financials, and all the general information that will be vital in the decision to pursue a practice further or to move on to the next one.


Helpful Resources

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