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Whether you are looking to add an associate position at your practice OR looking to become an associate, JPA Dental Transitions can provide the professional network and preparation tools to make the transition as smooth as possible.



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Associateship planning at your practice

Your practice is growing! 

Adding an associate doctor to your existing practice is an important step in the growth of many practices.  However, determining when the right time to add that associate can be confusing. 


Let us help you determine if your practice is ready for that next step and help you avoid the costly mistake of having multiple doctors in a single doctor practice. When you are ready, we can help ensure that your associate position will be properly structured and beneficial for all parties involved.


When you're ready, use our network of doctors and dental professionals to find a perfect match when building your team. Find an associate that fits with your future plans.

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"I’m looking for an Associate opportunity, but I’m not finding the right fit."


In dental school?

Recently graduated with your D.D.S. or D.M.D.?

Wrapping up your residency? 

We're here for you! 

You can join our Associate Mentorship Program (AMP) as soon as you decide you want to pursue a career as a dentist. We have valuable resources for all levels of future associates and want to start our relationship early.


We want to help you prepare for your next steps from associate at a dental practice, to buying your own practice, and eventually retirement and selling your practice. Join our Transition Connection network of dental professionals for more resources and career building. Let's "AMP" up your dental career!

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