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"What is my practice worth?"

pursue a PRactice appraisal


A practice appraisal is a close look into the numbers of your practice, with the intention of accurately placing a market value on it. An appraisal is a way to listen to the heartbeat of your practice in order to evaluate its health. The healthier the practice, the larger the return when you choose to sell, or seek a loan to upgrade your growing practice. It is easy to see why keeping an eye on your practice numbers through a trusted appraiser like JPA Dental Transitions is so essential. In order to achieve your goals, you must first know how your practice numbers are trending.




Cash Flow Evaluation

TIME: 24-48 Hours


A cash flow evaluation is an effective tool for gaining a quick, inexpensive idea of what your practice would sell for on the open market. By analyzing practice production reports and profit and loss statements, adjusting the overhead of the practice to reflect the true expenses, and finding the net revenues of the practice, we can efficiently determine a practice value that is supported by the local market as well as the net revenues of the practice.


- Cashflow supported practice value
- Cash Flow Proforma (a basic overview of the expenses of the practice, and a forecast of contemplated revenues)

- Adjusted Overhead Worksheet

- Our proprietary one page Practice Stats Report ($500.00 value) which gives a simple, no-nonsense overview of the health of the practice's vitals at a glance.

Standard Practice Appraisal

TIME: 1-3 Weeks

A standard practice appraisal is an appropriate way to establish a value for a practice in a multitude of situations. A doctor looking to determine the full value of their practice for the purposes of selling or for financial planning reasons may choose to request a standard appraisal. Similarly, prospective buyers may request a standard appraisal to gain in-depth insights into the practice. A standard practice appraisal differs from a cash flow evaluation in that multiple industry standard valuation methods are utilized, as well as a site visit and a final appraisal report, outlining the valuation methods and which were used in arriving at the final value. A standard valuation offers a wealth of information which is supported by accepted methodology and should produce a hard value that is rooted in fact.


An appraised number arrived at and produced by multiple trusted and proven methods including but not limited to:
- Asset Based Valuation
- Comparable Market Valuation
- Income-Based Valuation

Supporting documentation for appraised value in the form of a final appraisal report
- In-Person Site-Visit

- Cash Flow Proforma
- Adjusted Overhead Worksheet
- Our proprietary one page Practice Stats Report ($500.00 value) which gives a simple, no-nonsense overview of the health of the practice's vitals at a glance.

GET STARTED on your practice valuation


JPA offers dental practice appraisals with quick turnaround and incredible accuracy.

JPA Dental Transitions has been a trusted source for dental practice appraisals for years! We are excited to also be offering our expertise to the veterinary field. We have intimate knowledge of how your practice's numbers affect your market value. With our appraisals, we offer sound advice and instruction on how to get your practice to where it needs to be. Whether you are planning to sell your practice soon, or just want to know "how much is my practice worth," our valuations can give you great insight.

JPA is the only transitions company that offers the Transitions Plus plan to its dental clients that are planning to sell in three to five years, and are in the retirement planning phase, but need help with their appraisal numbers. JPA also offers reliable Market Area Analysis for insight into how your practice's location impacts the market price.

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Get your practice on the market and in front of buyers now.






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