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"You never know where life may lead you -- if that place is somewhere that I can help others on their own journey and solve problems, I am happy. Oh, and maybe somewhere that has coffee."

Hired on to be the conductor of the office, her jobs include essential roles such as keeping everyone on task, ensuring that all deadlines are loud, clear and met. She is the keeper of all things financial, and head of operations.


- Married to her amazing husband Jeremy Caldwell

- Proud and obsessed owner of two dogs

- Degree from Belmont Abbey College

- Experience in Editing, Marketing, and Management


Born and raised in Belmont, North Carolina, she remained there to graduate from Belmont Abbey College with a BA in English. Sara went on to work as a freelance editor in the dental industry, and shortly after joined her family at JPA Dental Transitions to lend her organizing and grammar skills to the team. 


Sara has worked in the Dental industry for 10+ years.


There isn’t much in life more important than family, and being able to work harmoniously for the good of their clients is a rare blessing indeed. Sara joined JPA to help accomplish the plans and dreams of their client base in the most efficient and encompassing ways possible. Working with people she knows, loves, and trusts to accomplish the fulfillment of life goals for their clients (such as buying a new dental office to set off on your adventure, or selling one to finally have time to sail on that beautiful water) is the ultimate “why” for Sara.