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"Quit or be exceptional, average is for losers."
– Seth Godin


Joseph Jordan is the founder of JPA Dental Transitions. After working for many years as a dental attorney, at the behest of an industry professional, Joe saw that his skills in the legal profession could easily and valuably translate to the world of Dental Transitions. Law still remains one of his first loves and he continues to work and own Jordan Law Group to serve the dental community. Joe also greatly enjoys his time speaking to dental schools, round robins, and on national dental circuits around the United States. His charisma and his passion for the industry cannot be denied if you ever attend one of his many lectures. 



- Married to Susan Jordan

- Proud dad of two kids

- Degree from Belmont Abbey College

- Juris Doctorate from Adrian Norman Wiggins School of Law at Campbell University



Joseph Jordan and his family are life-long residents of Belmont, North Carolina. He has grown up in the area and made his home in the heart of Belmont. Joe studied for his undergraduate degree at Belmont Abbey College and went on to obtain his Juris Doctorate at the Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law at Campbell University before returning home to start Jordan Law Group and JPA Dental Transitions.



Joseph has worked in the dental industry writing, speaking, practicing law, and brokering for over a decade.



Joseph enjoys working with other professionals, helping them achieve their goals for their personal lives and their practices. He also enjoys spending time with like-minded individuals, so being surrounded by family and exceptional clients makes his work seem like play.