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"Sometimes we find ourselves consumed by the situation instead of looking to the solution. Don’t forget, everything is temporary and you can prevail."

David brings his experience in small business operation and development to the JPA Team. He enjoys taking challenges from his clients and creating an efficient, productive outcome. He is a product developer and a problem solver.



- Married to Elizabeth Jordan
- Father to 5 children and 2 dogs
- Experienced in business development, operations and efficiency



North Carolina has always been his home, residing in the greater Charlotte area for all of his life. He has been serving small businesses in the area and supporting startups, including work with several dental and medical offices, and now working with the JPA Dental Transitions team.



David has worked in small business for over 24 years, including technology and management.



As long as he can remember, David has always enjoyed helping people. Taking the time to understand his clients, listen to their problems and work with them to create a solution has always been a driving force behind what he does. He jumps into the team to increase customer relationships and bring efficient solutions to JPA clients. If you ask David why he works at JPA, he would say it is to help his clients and support the team.