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Best Dental Consultant Products Under $1000

Staying up-to-date on dental news and industry thought leaders helps you be a better practice owner. Here’s a list of the blogs, books and tools that will help you be more effective in your journey as a practice owner.

Free: Blogs for Dental Practice Owners

  1. Patient News Dental Marketing Blog

    Patient News Dental informs us about marketing tactics, practice management, and dental events. As one of the largest dental marketing newsletters in North America, Patient News has helped over 7000 dentists in the past 25 years. They take a strategic approach to dental marketing and want to help you attract new patients and bring your practice to the next level. Check them out here.


  2. My Social Practice

    My Social Practice shares everything from the best social media hacks, to online reviews, and digital dental conferences. Check out their blog for everything social and to stay up to date on the latest dental social media marketing practices.

  3. Dr. Bicuspid Blog

    Case studies, useful forums, job postings, and practice management tips can all be found on Dr. Bicuspid’s blog. We find that the articles from Dr. Bicuspid are written from true thought leaders. Check out their blog for everything dental.



Under $100: Self-Guided Reading

Here are a few reputable magazines that offer all sorts of good information across the spectrum of dentistry:

  1. Dental Economics

    We all know and love Dental Economics, while they have a blog that you can subscribe to, their magazine subscription is either a digital or physical subscription. If you haven’t already subscribed, head on over to their website and get yours today. You’ll get dental news and industry trends from thought leaders across the world. You won’t regret it. (Source


  2. Dental Entrepreneur
    The dental entrepreneur is a fantastic resource for dental students and practice owners 10 years or less. Their aim is to help students and dental owners develop positive management and practice patterns so that they can build an effective and growing practice for years to come.dental-entrepreneur

  3. Dental Entrepreneur Woman
    The Dental Entrepreneur Woman (AKA DEW) is a blog and magazine subscriptions for female practice owners. Their overarching goal is to inspire women to maintain a healthy lifestyle, build a successful practice as well as remind the busy owner to remember to take care of all areas of life.


Under $500: Resource Centers

  1. Dr. Charles Blair’s Online System: Practice Booster Code Advisor with the Insurance Solutions Newsletter (ISN)Practice-booster


    Understanding how to properly report dental procedures, and providing the documentation required by payers, is essential to receiving payment for dental services. That’s where this subscription can help!

  2. John Cotton and Lisa McDaniel’s Leadership-to-Team Performance: How to Motivate Team Members to Increase Performance and Production 



We all know that great practices aren’t just created! It all depends on who and what kind of leadership and management is delivered. When you think about your own practice or one of your colleagues… who is consistently performing? Consistency is key to building a great practice and that’s why John Cotton, CEO of Dental Team Performance and Lisa McDaniel, SVP, created the “Leadership-to-Team Performance” for dentists. Use this to help you improve leadership skills, get away from managing and become a great leader.



One more blog...

Last but not least, check out our blog JPA Dental Transitions. We aim to provide practice owners with the tools, resources, and industry news to help them do their job better and more efficient. What will you get from subscribing? Receive fresh articles spanning topics from practice growth, transitions, to marketing, dental software, new practice listings, events and more! Check us out here



What other dental resources do you use to learn about industry trends? Tell us in a comment below!

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